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Ready To Sell?

Living Room

Step 1: 

  • Price your home correctly (you'll need a great agent who knows the current market in your area!)

Step 2:

  • Prepare your home by cleaning, decluttering, hiding family photos, creating more space, and improving the curb appeal!

Image by Sidekix Media

Step 3: 

  • Your listing agent should employ proven marketing techniques in order to sell your home for the highest price and ideally in the shortest amount of time.

Step 4:

  • Consider hiring a stager to showcase your home's best features in order to impress buyers. 

Image by Francesca Tosolini

Step 5:

  • Once you accept an offer, you will sign and date a legally binding contract between you and the buyer. 

Step 6:

  • The listing agent (usually) will open title with your preferred title company, and they will act as a third party in the transaction, gathering all necessary documents from each party.

Image by DaYsO

Step 7:

  • A home inspection will then take place to identify any structural and safety defects. Afterwards, there may be negotiations regarding costs towards repairs. 

Step 8:

  • An appraisal is used to determine if the purchase price is appropriate based on the home's condition, location, etc.

Step 9:

  • Once all paperwork has been signed and funds have been disbursed, the buyer is now the new owner of the property.

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